Monday, August 24, 2009

Just when...

you think life is going great something WHAM hits you right smack in the face. I let some idiot give me grief today. Drama. Unecessary. The worse part is I let it affect my oldest son. :( Because he was involved with the drama. We're all human and I one of the most positive, healing, affirmation kind of people around, but it took a butt kick from several friends to get moving.

So thank you to Shannon, Annette, Minda and Maria. All four of you are very different but awesome ladies. You gave me what I needed. Butt kick, confidence and motivation. You are all so right. Life is good. Don't let the stupid people bring you down to their low vibrating level and remember that the best revenge in life is LIVING A GOOD LIFE.

Life is good!

I love you gals


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Okay yes I know I promised a new blog and it hasn't happened yet... IT IS COMING! lol

We want to work on it a bit! We're having a photo shoot on friday ;) so exciting!

Its terrific tuesday!

What is terrific in your life???

new business partners ;) (you rock shan)
new adventures
traveling (thanks tim)
wine!!!!! (yeah vino good!)